In-Venue Gaming Solutions

Our core suite of products is responsible for the seamless day to day operation of Electronic Gaming Machines across our Client network. Odyssey Systems are highly regarded for their unwavering stability and reliability. 

Axis Gaming System (GS) is Odyssey's next generation of in-venue Gaming System.

Launched on the 11th December 2020, Axis GS is Odyssey's answer to an ever changing and more technology focused Hospitality Industry landscape. 

In-venue Gaming System


The reporting application is the tool that encompasses promotional, membership and liability reports.

MEMBER - N.png


Member is the comprehensive player management application that equips venues to manage their players’ information.

PROMO - N.png


Promo is your gateway to creating a multitude of entertainment, attraction and bonus options for your players.


Data is your complete management and analysis tool, provides users with greater control of reporting with the ability to create custom reports and export functions.



Pay is the application that facilitates cashier operations in the venue. It collects all venue payouts and lets you manage additional redemption types and float reconciliation.

FLOOR - N.png


The Floor Application is designed for use in the live gaming floor environment, allowing the operator to effectively manage the floor operations on a day to day basis.

Gaming & Member Management


Reports+ is a management information system that offers a range of products. 


From OLGR compliance and centralised reporting to machine analysis and promotions, Reports+ provides venues with a easy to use reporting solution.

​For more information on the services Odyssey can provide your venue or to request a service, please contact the Odyssey Support Centre or your Odyssey Client Executive.

Cashless Gaming System

Axis is a card based transfer system that has all the benefits of ticket in/ ticket out technology (TITO), but with operational and hardware savings. 


Axiscard allows for the quick transfer of credits on and off EGM’s. 


With Axiscard, players will enjoy more privacy as they move freely between machines with minimal cash handling and attendant involvement.


By reducing the number of payouts, your team will have more time to focus on providing great customer service.

​For more information on the services Odyssey can provide your venue or to request a service, please contact the Odyssey Support Centre or your Odyssey Client Executive.

Player Engagement

Channelmate is an innovative player engagement tool with an in-machine touch screen, which allows players to interact with the system, participate in promotional games and view information about the venue.

Cashless Tickets


Odyssey’s TITO solution is a robust and reliable product and is a great solution for venues wishing to simplify their everyday processes. 


When a player hits collect on a TITO machine, instead of receiving coin or having to wait for a payout, customers receive a printed ticket. Each ticket is unique and secured by using QR codes. Tickets can be inserted into other TITO ready machines, redeemed at the Cashier Station or at a Cash Redemption Terminal (CRT). 


Odyssey's TITO solution puts players back in control by allowing them to quickly and freely move between other TITO ready machines without the need to wait for an attendant. As a result, there are fewer payouts, which means your Team can refocus on delivering great customer service.

TITO may also help to manage common cash handling mistakes by reducing the number of cash transactions performed everyday.