Throughout Australia, gaming is a strictly regulated activity. This applies particularly where there are gaming machines and systems involved.

As a Licensed Monitoring Operator (LMO) in Queensland, Odyssey has significant responsibilities to ensure that the appropriate  information is collected delivered to the Government and that the installed gaming equipment in clubs and hotels is the correct type that has been approved by the regulatory authority. There are numerous legislative and administrative compliance requirements that must be addressed by Odyssey.

Odyssey takes its compliance responsibilities seriously. A compliance committee assists the Board to fulfill its corporate governance and oversight responsibilities relating to compliance of both Odyssey and the parent company  Federal Group Pty Ltd. Compliance Managers at both Federal Group and Odyssey oversee the compliance responsibilities of the group. Any compliance matters are dealt with at regular compliance meetings and reports made to the board on a regular basis through a board-level compliance committee to ensure the maintenance of the highest levels of compliance.