The TITO solution (Ticket In Ticket Out)

Odyssey’s TIKIT is a TITO system with rich functionality providing you an innovative TITO product.TIKIT provides a secure, bar-coded TITO ticket which simplifies a patron’s experience at the
gaming machine. Patrons only have to press collect to have a ticket printed at the gaming machine allowing them to then use their TIKIT at any other gaming machine or cash it out at a cashier.

TIKIT benefits include:
TIKIT puts your patrons in control – they can quickly cash out, cash in, or keep playing on another machine without having to wait for assistance from a gaming attendant.

  • TIKIT is user-friendly – patrons just print a TIKIT
    and go
Quick Facts
  • Maximum transfer $199.00
  • Maximum out $5000
  • 2 Days reinvestment at electronic gaming machine
  • 12-month validity
  • Ticket scope is venue only
  • TIKIT is transportable – patrons can use their TIKIT across all machines with this functionality within your venue
  • TIKIT eliminates the need for buckets of coins being transferred from one machine to another
  • TIKIT remove the potential for coin loss or theft