13th August 2020

 IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION – Re: Premature failure of the Helix X VBD bash button
Information Source: Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Summary of issue:

Due to Covid-19 venue hygiene practices some non-approved cleaning products are contributing to premature failure of the Helix X VBD bash (large LCD) button.

Since EGM cabinets include of a variety of different materials and finishes, any use of alcohol or ammonia-based product can cause unwanted damage. 

In line with recommendations provided to us by Aristocrat, we have outlined the best method for cleaning the exterior surface of an EGM cabinet:

  1.  Use soapy water, glass cleaner, and/or a cleaning solution that is ammonia-free and alcohol-free along with non-abrasive cleaning material (cloth) to clean the external surfaces of an EGM.
  2. Apply the cleaning solution first to a non-abrasive cloth and then the surface that requires cleaning.


  1. The use of ammonia and alcohol-based cleaning can have adverse effects and result in damage to cabinet materials and painted surfaces.
  2. Applying cleaning solutions directly to an EGM may result in liquids seeping into any of the sealed surfaces of the cabinet.
  3. Odyssey reserves the right to charge for parts if we determine it is affected by the type of cleaning products being used.

Recommended cleaning techniques for use on Aristocrat cabinets:

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Gaming Services Manager