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November 15, 2023
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November 28, 2023

Nexus Go-Live!
Bribie Island RSL

We are delighted to extend our congratulations to the team at Bribie Island RSL on the successful launch of Nexus Digital Loyalty System (DLS)! This marks a big moment in the club’s journey towards delivering an enhanced and personalised experience for its valued members.

A Glimpse into Bribie Island RSL’s Legacy

Renowned for its commitment to community engagement and creating memorable experiences, Bribie Island RSL has embraced the digital era with the recent introduction of Nexus Digital Loyalty. This strategic move underscores the club’s dedication to excellence by staying at the forefront of innovation and providing truly rewarding experiences.

Unlocking the Nexus Digital Loyalty Experience

At the heart of Bribie Island RSL’s digital transformation is the Nexus Digital Loyalty Kiosk. With an impressive 42” screen, a user-friendly interface, and dynamic features, the Nexus Digital Kiosk redefines member interaction, offering an exciting and engaging experience that transcends traditional norms.

Promotional Engine, ROI, and Reporting

Nexus Digital Loyalty seamlessly integrates gaming and membership activities while incorporating real-time sales and visitation data. This partnership is enhanced by the robust capabilities of the Nexus promotional engine, which includes dynamic bonusing and a comprehensive ROI and reporting tool. These elements collectively drive Nexus Digital Loyalty, delivering a more engaging, rewarding, and personalised experience for Bribie Island Members.

A Future Focused on Personalised Member Experiences

As Bribie Island RSL embraces the new digital era of loyalty, offering promotions that authentically resonate with their members, they continue to set the benchmark for customer service and membership excellence in the region.

Congratulations Bribie Island RSL! We eagerly anticipate a future filled with continued success and countless more unforgettable moments for your members.