Play the ball not the person

We play hard, but we play fair. And we only play the ball. This means we keep a cool head and an objective eye on our decisions and actions, and don’t take things personally.

Never be too proud to ask for help

An ancient saying states that when you ask a question – you might be a fool for a moment – but by not asking the question, you could stay a fool for a lifetime. We want all our employees to feel comfortable asking questions often and early.

Our word is our bond

This is fundamental to building trust and our success. When we say something – we mean it, and we follow through with action.

Never focus on one customer

We want to deliver for all – not just for some. It is why we are a diverse group and it’s why we serve many different customers.

Leave it better than you found it

This is our most important principle. From daily responsibilities to an entirely new development, a decade long partnership or a new venture, we always leave our venues, kitchens or storerooms (or anything or anywhere else) better than we found them.

Be humble don't seek the limelight

We aren’t in the business of fame. We’re in this business so our guests, friends and customers can stand in the limelight.