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Insight BI uses advanced digital and automation technology to assist venues improve their operational efficiencies and decision making processes.

A visually appealing, intuitive interface allows users to configure data sets that will deliver reliable, accurate and timely insights directly to a BI dashboard..

Gain a decisive edge over your competition


Insight IQ Benchmarking is a powerful tool that provides instant insights into your venue’s performance compared to the QLD and local markets, allowing you to identify and capitalise on hidden opportunities to maximise your success.


View EGM performance across the network
View the performance of new EGMS Across the network
View the networks highest performing EGMs against your egm fleet
View market share against your LGA
View market share against the Queensland market
Discover monthly market share trends against previous years and months


Interactive, Instant Insights
Powered by AI...

For venues seeking a competitive edge, Insight IQ delivers instant, interactive insights powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our user-friendly, chat-based platform leverages the power of machine learning to unlock valuable knowledge. Gain insights into past performance trends, understand the key factors driving your results, and create targeted campaigns – all within minutes.


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Natural language
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