Gaming Machine Services

Throughout Australia, gaming is a strictly regulated activity. This applies particularly where there are gaming machines and systems involved.

We are committed to the smooth operation of all gaming machines on our network. We offer quality operational support, backed by an experienced team of Technicians to ensure Clients receive fast and reliable services.



As a Licensed Monitoring Operator (LMO) in Queensland, Odyssey has significant responsibilities to ensure that the appropriate information is collected and delivered to the Government and that the installed gaming equipment in clubs and hotels is the correct type, that has been approved by the regulatory authority. There are numerous legislative and administrative compliance requirements that must be addressed by Odyssey.



Operations Services

In addition to core EGM monitoring services, Odyssey Gaming also provide a range of hardware and other services relating to the Casino/Hotel & Club Industry including:

Odyssey is regularly engaged by its Clients to provide additional support services, including, but not limited to:​​​

  • Customer support services / Help desk

  • Membership systems inc: hardware and software

  • Web & cloud based business and EGM analysis

  • Preventative and general EGM maintenance 

  • Compliance and Governance

  • EGM installation, setup and conversion

  • EGM wiring, base installation and telecommunications 

  • System training and in-venue support

  • Investigation of EGM complaints

  • Governance and compliance assistance

​For more information on the services Odyssey can provide your venue or to request a service, please contact the Odyssey Support Centre or your Odyssey Client Executive.


Odyssey Gaming provides personalised service for the repair and maintenance of all gaming machines. Our dedicated Technicians are assigned to specific QLD regions to ensure that they can build a rapport with their Client base and understand the requirements of the venues in their area. 

Each technician is equipped with an extensive range of parts to cater for all brands of gaming machines. Teams are also supported by dedicated Odyssey Service Warehouses throughout QLD, which hold a wide range of spare parts, and which hand in hand with our in-house Repair Centre allow venues to enjoy a quick service turnaround.

Technicians are available 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm daily and are supported by the Odyssey Support Centre who will manage machine service request.

For service requests please contact the Odyssey Support Centre

1300 765437

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