Metropolis is the gaming industry’s most innovative system solution available in the market.


By far the most functional and user friendly system in the market.

Metropolis is the gaming industry’s most innovative system solution available in the market.

Our extensive research and development programme is focused around continuous industry feedback. Metropolis is a prime example of a flexible product designed to work with all venue systems, information and reporting needs.

This innovative promotions system with advanced member-tiering capacity features unique loyalty, CARD IT™ & TITO functions as well as a sophisticated management reporting system with extensive gaming and member reporting.

Metropolis’ system architecture is designed in such a way that it opens a gateway allowing you to interface with other systems, including most POS systems, to ensure customised reporting across the entire venue.

This system can grow with your business allowing you to upgrade your system whenever you are ready, or alternatively, we can customise our system and tailor it to your specific needs.


The Reporting Application is the tool that encompasses promotional, membership and liability reports.


Member is the comprehensive player management application that equips venues to manage their players’ information.



Game is your complete management and analysis tool. Game provides users with greater control of reporting with the ability to create custom reports and export functions.


Promo is your gateway to creating a multitude of entertainment, attraction and bonus options for your players.


Allows members to swipe and win bonus points, view account and redeem points and prizes.


Pay is the application that facilitates cashier operations in the venue. It collects all venue payouts and lets you manage additional redemption types and float reconciliation.

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The Floor Application is designed for use in the live gaming floor environment, allowing the operator to effectively manage the floor operations on a day to day basis.

Titan is a management information system that offers a range of products that complement all gaming machine venues.


Titan is a management information system that offers a range of products that complement all gaming machine venues in Queensland, no matter the LMO. From OLGR compliance and centralised reporting to machine analysis and bingo promotions, Titan provides a product solution that will surpass your expectations.

CARD IT all the benefits of ticket in/ticket out technology (TITO), but with operational savings.


‘The future is about player flexibility, player choice and player convenience’
‘Don’t cash it… CARD IT™’

CARD IT™ is a card based transfer system that can be used anonymously for non-members with CARD IT Red and for your members with CARD IT Blue. It has all the benefits of ticket in/ ticket out technology (TITO), but with operational savings. It is the Ecofriendly solution to cashless gaming in a modernised single card system.

CARD IT allows for the quick transfer of credits on and off EGM’s with minimal cash handling and attendant involvement. With CARD IT, your player can move more quickly and freely between machines increasing your customer’s re-investment rate and utilising less staff for the venue (the re-allocation of staff effectiveness).

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The plastic mag-striped card will help you stay leading edge and will give your venue longer life, increased security and less cost of replacement. The product is venue based, allowing you the peace of mind that your data is just that – your data. Venue and player data is kept onsite for access and verification at all times. This applies across all aspects of the Metropolis system.


CARD IT is available on all gaming machines, which means no extra cost for installing the system on non-compatible machines.


CARD IT has all the benefits of TITO, but minus the hardware costs such as ticket stocks, printer hardware costs and payout books, which means more operational savings for your venue.

CARD IT – Venue benefits include
  • All the benefits of TITO, without the printer hardware costs
  • Uses a standard mag stripe card
  • Functionality can run parallel with TITO
  • Secure and anonymous for all players
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Operational savings regarding ticket paper costs.
CARD IT – Player benefits include
  • No waiting for hand pays
  • No downtime for printer issues
  • Move quickly between EGMSs
  • Maintain anonymity


CARD IT’s plastic mag striped card will help you to keep up with technology in the era of card based consumerism allowing your venue to be leading edge and to say goodbye to printer and paper issues.


CARD IT is available for all patrons at your venue whether they are members or just visitors.


Your players can move more quickly and freely between machines which will help to increase your customer’s re-investment rate and to re-allocate staff effectiveness.


CARD IT Member (Blue) gives the player the ability to have points automatically accrued, which in turn will drive customer re-visits to your venue.

A TITO system with rich functionality providing you with an innovative TITO product.


The TITO solution (Ticket In Ticket Out)

Odyssey’s TIKIT is a TITO system with rich functionality providing you an innovative TITO product.TIKIT provides a secure, bar-coded TITO ticket which simplifies a patron’s experience at the
gaming machine. Patrons only have to press collect to have a ticket printed at the gaming machine allowing them to then use their TIKIT at any other gaming machine or cash it out at a cashier.

TIKIT benefits include:
TIKIT puts your patrons in control – they can quickly cash out, cash in, or keep playing on another machine without having to wait for assistance from a gaming attendant.

  • TIKIT is user-friendly – patrons just print a TIKIT
    and go
Quick Facts
  • Maximum transfer $199.00
  • Maximum out $5000
  • 2 Days reinvestment at electronic gaming machine
  • 12-month validity
  • Ticket scope is venue only
  • TIKIT is transportable – patrons can use their TIKIT across all machines with this functionality within your venue
  • TIKIT eliminates the need for buckets of coins being transferred from one machine to another
  • TIKIT remove the potential for coin loss or theft


Engage is an innovative and unique player engagement tool offering players an enhanced gaming experience. Engage is the combination of Pathway, the in-machine touch screen and the Engage application. This together creates a functionally rich operator – player engagement tool.

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Themed custom skins available and you can customise the panel to suit your venue.

Customer can check their CARD IT and Bonus Point account balance.

Two way interaction with your customers. They can call an attendant and use the Breakaway function.

Provide access to information about your facilities, including dining menus and open times.

Have a larger reach with your customers by advertising your facilities, promotions and events.

Download games for player interaction and promotional use.