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November 30, 2023
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February 2, 2024

Lions@Springwood Celebrating their Nexus Digital Loyalty Go-Live!

The echoes of Lion’s AFLW grand final victory over North Melbourne are still reverberating, and Lions@Springwood isn’t just basking in the glory, they’re cranking up the volume with the launch of Nexus Digital Loyalty!

Lions@Springwood, is at the forefront of innovation, they don’t shy away from big challenges, they tackle them head-on, embracing the latest tech. And now, with Nexus Digital Loyalty thrown into the mix, they’re all set to take the lead in the ultimate customer experience showdown.


Nexus Digital Loyalty: Elevating the Good Times

Digital Loyalty Kiosk:
As members step into Lions@Springwood, they’re greeted with an unforgettable member experience at the Digital Loyalty Kiosk. This engaging and visually exciting entry point sets the tone for a visit that goes beyond the ordinary.

Unveiling an all-in-one solution, Play-A-Comm serves as a centralised promotions engine designed to craft promotions and dispatch communications. This capability empowers Lions@Springwood, giving them the flexibility to tailor experiences, ensuring that each interaction is uniquely suited to every member.

Dynamic Bonusing:
Nexus Digital Loyalty introduces dynamic bonusing. This feature creates an exciting, interactive, and connected customer journey, recognising and rewarding member loyalty in real-time.

Nexus API’s:
With seamless real-time integration with third parties, Nexus Digital Loyalty delivers unparalleled security, and enhanced business flexibility.


As we applaud Lions@Springwood on their successful go-live of Nexus Digital Loyalty, we also celebrate their ongoing commitment to delivering innovative and unparalleled experiences.

Here’s to Lions@Springwood and the exciting journey ahead in leading the charge for a new era in customer engagement!