December 5, 2023
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February 20, 2024

Mareeba Leagues Club Celebrating Nexus Digital Loyalty!

Mareeba: A Hub of Natural Beauty, Influential Figures and a Vibrant Leagues Club with Nexus Digital Loyalty!
Mareeba, nestled in the breathtaking Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland, is celebrated not only for its stunning landscapes, lush rainforests and waterfalls but for producing some of Queensland’s most prominent and influential politicians and Olympic athletes. Figures such as Anastasia Palaszczuk, Peter Beattie, Bob Katter Sr., Tom Gilmore. As well as track and field champion Ivie McNeill and world champion swimmer Jodie Henry!
Amidst all this political and athletic prowess, we find the Mareeba Leagues Club. From its well appointed gaming areas and live entertainment to its diverse dining options that cater to all tastes, the Mareeba Leagues club has been a cornerstone of social life in Mareeba for over 20 years.
Now, with Nexus Digital Loyalty (DLS), Mareeba Leagues Club is set to deliver an unparalleled digital experience, enriching member engagement with personalised rewards and interactive features.
Nexus Digital Loyalty: Bringing a new and exciting member experience to Mareeba.

Members visiting the Mareeba Leagues Club are greeted by the Nexus Digital Loyalty Kiosk, featuring a vibrant 42″ vertical touchscreen. This multifunctional entry point is designed for advertising, interactive games, and accessing membership information, providing a uniquely engaging and visually captivating experience for members.


The fully integrated promotional engine within Nexus Digital Loyalty (DLS) offers the team at Mareeba Leagues Club unparalleled flexibility to tailor communications. With promotional offers designed to match each member’s preferences, every email or SMS interaction is personalised, enhancing member engagement.

Dynamic Bonusing:

Nexus Digital Loyalty introduces dynamic bonusing, a groundbreaking feature that instantly recognises and rewards member loyalty, transforming the member experience.

Nexus API’s: 
Featuring seamless, real-time integration with third-parties, Nexus Digital Loyalty enhances business connectivity and flexibility.
Here’s to Mareeba Leagues Club for adopting the latest in digital loyalty solutions, enhancing their member’s experience with a fresh and engaging approach.