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October 31, 2023
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November 15, 2023

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Norths Devils Leagues Club!

Congratulations to the hardworking team at Norths Devils Leagues Club on their successful launch of Nexus Digital Loyalty! This marks the beginning of an exhilarating digital transformation journey that promises to deliver a more personalised and engaging experience for Norths Devils Leagues Club members.

Elevating Member Engagement with Nexus Digital Loyalty

Odyssey Gaming is proud to be part of this exciting journey, as Nexus Digital Loyalty introduces an array of benefits for Norths Devils Leagues Club members and enhances the club’s competitive position on the Northsides of Brisbane.

  • The Nexus Digital Loyalty Kiosk: Where Engagement Takes Center Stage

At the heart of this transformation is the Nexus Digital Loyalty Kiosk, featuring an impressive 42″ touch screen. This state-of-the-art kiosk sets the stage for an extraordinary member experience, offering an interactive, exciting, and rewarding experience that’s second to none.

  • Revolutionising Engagement with Cutting-Edge CRM and ROI Tool

Nexus Digital Loyalty features a powerful promotional engine and a fully automated CRM with integrated ROI tool. This dynamic pairing empowers Norths Devils Leagues Club to connect with members on a more personal level, enabling evidence-based decision making and the ability to fine-tune promotions and loyalty initiatives with precision.


Why Nexus Digital Loyalty is Leading the Way
  • Enhanced Member Experience: The Digital Loyalty Kiosk, with interactive games and personalised rewards, creates an engaging and enjoyable environment, positioning Norths Devils Leagues Club as the ultimate destination for members seeking more from their club experience.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: With its integrated CRM and ROI reporting tool, Nexus Digital Loyalty provides clear insights into the effectiveness of loyalty initiatives. By evaluating ROI, Norths Devils Leagues Club can optimise promotions and loyalty programs, ensuring relevant on-budget delivery.
  • Dynamic Bonusing: Nexus Digital Loyalty’s Dynamic Bonusing feature enables Norths Devils Leagues Club to offer real-time, personalised bonuses to members, injecting an extra layer of excitement and reward into every visit.


Odyssey Gaming is proud to partner with Norths Devils Leagues Club as they embrace Nexus Digital Loyalty. Together, we are not only ensuring members have a fantastic experience but also delivering unmatched member experiences. Their digital transformation sets the stage for a brighter, more engaging future, where Norths Devils Leagues Club and its members can look forward to an exciting and rewarding journey together.